Cherry Clafoutis — 5 Comments

  1. They have grown into such beautiful dogs but I bet they didn’t maintain that pose for long!
    I am hoping that we will get more than 2 cherries this year but if they are ripening now, the birds might get there before us as we have two weeks to go. It is a pity they don’t carry on ripening after they are picked because they bruise so easily when fully ripe. That is why we planted two trees a couple of years ago. I hope to get a fig tree in this year for the same reason.

  2. Lovely dogs they have become and apparently your training is working at last! 🙂 Unless there be bunnies…

  3. Gil, the cherries around here are done…. the season is so short, barely 2 weeks it seems. But the figs are looking good.

    Zoomie, there is no holding them if there be bunnies LOL

  4. I can’t believe you have cherries already – our trees have just started to blossom.

    I’m with you on Clafoutis – I always remove the pits and add the extract. At my age ne teeth are expensive.