The Dinner Party — 6 Comments

  1. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time! And your table was decorated just right. Thanks for the menu, but I take it the carrots didn’t make the menu at the last minute though?

    Dishwashers are nice, but if there’s usually only two, it takes a week to fill them and I don’t like waiting that long. When we were first married, I washed by hand, I imagine even with a dishwasher now, when DD2 moves out and we’re back to two, I’ll be hand washing again.

  2. nightsmusic, , thanks…. We used to have a dishwasher but never used it, so didn’t bother here. The link for the carrots was broken – fixed it!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous time was had by all – eating, drinking and being merry !!! I could not live without a dishwasher – my hat is off to you for managing without !!

  4. We do use our dishwasher especially when we have a big party but inevitably there is a lot of hand washing to do, too. I can’t face the mess in the morning so we always do the dishes the same night.

  5. Kate, I do have a dishwasher…. mon mari LOL

    Zoomie, I couldn’t do it at night – too tired to care, too much wine to be careful

    Tanna, thanks!