Grilled Miso Salmon, May days — 5 Comments

  1. Oh, I love salmon so this is definitely going on my menu. It looks delish!

    I’m sure your guests know you well enough by now that a few photos prior to seating will be just fine. But I’m with Dianne. I want the menu 🙂

  2. Tell mon mari that we re all out here living vicariously and we need dinner party photos come what may !!

  3. It looks like we are all eagerly awaiting the menu & photos! The salmon offcuts I bought yesterday are all small cubes – mixed with your marinade, flash fried, served with buckwheat noodles and green salad and that is our dinner taken care of tonight. Enjoy your dinner.

  4. dianne, done!

    nightsmusic, yeah, but I always get to busy (and stressed LOL)

    Kate, good intentions, failed again.

    Gill, menu is easy. I like the sound of your salmon and noodles!