Poached Eggs with Asparagus, Green Garlic and Prosciutto

Did I say that I had posted the last asparagus recipe for the season?

I must have lied

I can never pass up the idea of asparagus with a poached egg.

There was a time, not too many years ago, when the thought of poaching an egg quite terrified me.  I had made them in the past, of course, but always with an ‘egg poacher’, either an electric one or the little cups that went in a steamer.

I had never done it the proper way, with the egg actually in the water.

A friend was so appalled that I had never mastered this simple technique that I decided it was time to learn.

Truthfully, it’s so simple I can’t imagine why I waited so long.

Poached Eggs with Asparagus, Green Garlic and Prosciutto

Total time: 20 minutes 

Total time: 20 minutes

  • 6oz (180gr) asparagus, trimmed, sliced 1/3″ (1cm) thick
  • 3 green garlic, trimmed, sliced 1/3″ (1cm) thick, including green tops
  • 3 slices Prosciutto, 2oz (60gr)  or other dry-cured ham, cut in thirds
  • 2 slices whole wheat bread, toasted
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tbs butter
  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • 1 tbs wine vinegar, any flavor

Poached Eggs with Asparagus


  • Heat oil in a medium nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add Prosciutto and sauté until crisp.
  • Remove, leaving oil in skillet. Drain on paper towels.
  • Add asparagus and green garlic to skillet and sauté until tender and starting to brown.
  • While vegetables cook….
  • Eggs:
  • Fill a medium skillet with water.  The water should be at least 1 1/2 inches deep. Heat water over medium-high heat.
  • Add vinegar.
  • When water is softly boiling, reduce heat and poach eggs: one at a time break egg into a small saucer.  Swirl a spoon in the water where you will put the egg – off to the side.  When water is swirling drop egg into center of swirl.  With slotted spoon try to keep the white together.
  • Do next egg.
  • With regular spoon scoop some hot water over tops of eggs. Poach for 3 minutes or until white is set but yolk is still very soft.  Remove eggs with a slotted spoon.
  • While eggs cook….
  • Make toast. Cut a circle out of each one and butter it. Use the corners if you chose.
  • To finish:
  • Put toast circles on 2 plates, top with a poached egg. Divide Prosciutto and add to plates. Spoon vegetables on the side and serve.

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Sunday was a beautiful day, one of those picture-perfect days – not too hot but hot enough, clear skies and a light breeze.

We decided it was a good day to wander about.

Fortunately there was a vide grenier in the village.

‘Vide grenier’ translates as ’empty the attic’ and is, basically, French for a garage sale or rummage sale or yard sale or car-boot sale or whatever term is used in your area.

Here in France the sales aren’t held by individuals on their lawns but by a village or a group of villages in a central location, either in the center of a village or in a field near-by or church or school grounds. Individuals rent a ‘space’, bring their goods and either a table or blanket or whatever to put the stuff on.

vide4 This was the spring sale. We’ve been to the autumn sale before but not the spring sale.

In autumn there were more people selling and a bigger variety of stuff.


This sale had lots and lots of clothing and lots and lots and lots of shoes.


Mon mari is always on the look-out for tools and I always watch for glassware and linens interesting collectibles. We were both disappointed.


But it was a glorious day.

videAnd now you have seen some pictures of our village – not the one we actually are a part of, but this is the nearest village with shops.

5 thoughts on “Poached Eggs with Asparagus, Green Garlic and Prosciutto”

  1. I could do with a vide grenier – much better to do it as a group thing though than on your own, I like this French idea.

  2. In just over three weeks we will be haunting the vides greniers again. We have a wish list that changes with time but most of our purchases aren’t on that list!
    Unfortunately the green garlic and asparagus will be over before we arrive.

  3. Our town does a town-wide garage sale every Memorial Day. People come from miles around as they know all the sales will be on that day. Unlike a vide grenier, everyone displays their stuff at their own home, so it is a zoo as people who are unfamiliar with the quirky streets try to drive from house to house.

  4. I have never poached an egg. Yes, I hang my head in shame…All the more reason to try this.

    We don’t have vide greniers. It’s every man for himself around me, but sometimes, if I’m in the mood, that can be a lot of fun.

  5. Kate, we participated in one before we moved down here. They really work well, both for selling and buying.

    Gill, the green garlic and the asparagus are gone…. But the peaches and nectarines are coming in!

    Pam, in the town where I grew up they do an ’90 mile’ sale on Memorial weekend – also a zoo. The vide greniers have parking and all roped off for pedestrians. Much nicer….

    nightsmusic, it took me forever and the first time was scary (eggs) but it really is easy.

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