Roasted Asparagus, Mediterranean Style

Usually, mon mari is happy with whatever I create in the kitchen.

There is the odd dish that is less than stellar, of course, but after all the years of cooking and eating together, our tastes mesh rather well.

When our preferences are at odds we compromise.

We compromise with asparagus.

We both love it.

I love it alone and / or in almost anything.

He loves it best alone, roasted.

His half of the asparagus had a drizzle of butter and a sprinkling of sea salt.

I finished my half this way.

We were both happy

I made it for one, but wrote the recipe for two….

Roasted Asparagus, Mediterranean Style

Total time: 20 minutes


  • 12oz (360gr) asparagus, trimmed
  • olive oil
  • 6 cherry tomatoes, cut in half
  • 2oz (60gr) feta, crumbles
  • 12 dry-cured Greek Olives

Asparagus, Med-Style


  • Put a drizzle of oil on a baking sheet – one with a lip all around.
  • Roll the asparagus in oil (use your fingers!)
  • Put in the oven at 400F (200C), tips facing the oven door.  Roast for 12 minutes.
  • Remove, add tomatoes and roast for 3 minutes longer.
  • Remove, sprinkle with feta, olives, mix a bit and serve.

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As you may (or may not) know I’ve been having internet problems.

The brief version:

Six weeks ago, on a Monday night, our internet stopped working.

I called the tech service, jumped through all the required hoops and was allowed to replace the router. (It’s their router and one needs proper authority to take it to the store and swap it for a new one).

I installed the new router and the internet worked.

Three weeks later, on a Monday, our internet stopped working, again.

I called the tech service, again. This time they insisted on sending a technician out.

He came, he tested and tested and tested.

His conclusion was that ‘his’ line (the company phone cable) was fine but ‘our’ line (inside the house) needed upgrading.

He did a few things (?), the internet worked.

This week, on Monday, our internet stopped working, again.

Mon mari finally got around to changing ‘our’ line.

It didn’t work.

I called the tech service again. They insisted on sending a technician out, again…. but not until Friday afternoon.

On Thursday, all by itself, it came back to life. Our internet was working.

It worked for almost six hours before it stopped again.

This morning a work truck pulled up to the house. A guy got out and started speaking in English. I asked if he was from Orange….

He said yes.

I thought how much easier it was going to be explaining this saga in English, which I promptly did.

He listened attentively, nodded appropriately, but did nothing.

I finally asked what he needed to start.

He finally said that he was supposed to clean the chimney.

I said he had the wrong house.

This afternoon the real technician showed up.

He had more and bigger equipment than the first technician.

He determined that the problem was ‘his’ line and the connection to ‘our’ line – and I think more stuff, but after that the details escaped me (he didn’t speak English).

He made a few phone calls, a few minutes later a truck with a ‘cherry-picker’ showed up and the work started. They fussed with the line at the top of the main pole and they fussed with the line that branched off to our house and they fussed with all the connections in the house.

Finally, two hours later, he was satisfied that the signal was now correct.

I turned everything back on.

It worked.

If it’s still working three weeks from now, on a Monday, I’ll be thrilled.

7 thoughts on “Roasted Asparagus, Mediterranean Style”

  1. Well, if it goes down again you may have more luck calling the chimney sweep. As far as I can see random luck is the only way the internet works. No amount of technicians get it right.

  2. That is teeth gnashing stuff – how have you managed to appear so calm through all this? An intermittent fault is so frustrating and so difficult to diagnose.

  3. Kate, if it goes down again I will. He listened so nicely to all my complaints LOL

    Brassfrog, good to be back – thanks!

    Gill, and it kept working whenever the tech would come – it was like a conspiracy

  4. Not a conspiracy per sey, the same thing one goes through when they take their car to the mechanic after having the same problem for weeks. But when they get it to the mechanic’s, everything is hunky dorie and no one can find a problem. The minute one leaves, it starts again. More like Satan in the machinery, I think.

    I’m so glad you’re back!

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