Sausage and Crème Fraiche Quiche, I’ve switched sides — 3 Comments

  1. Oh my! This looks yummy. I love quiche. And I’m generally not too picky about what goes in it as long as it’s a complimentary mix.

    My plants are finally coming up! Finally. They don’t look nearly as good as yours, but they’ll get there eventually.

  2. That peony is an amazing colour and I have never seen such a mass of marjoram – it does not seem widely used here !

  3. nightsmusic, it is a bit strange having them so early. I feel like I should start preserving them for fall and it’s not even summer yet LOL

    Kate, it’s a gorgeous flower – but only 2…. Marjoram seems to grow really well here. I already have to cut it back. Oregano is hard to find, though.