Shrimp Avocado Salad; lemon trees and veal — 10 Comments

  1. Happy Memorial Day! I know, in France, what is Memorial Day, but still…

    The salad looks yummy. I love avacado.I read a long time ago though that lemon trees started from seed never produce fruit because they need an opposite sex tree to do that. Then again, I have no lemon trees so, what do I know? I hope I’m wrong. 🙂

  2. Aww, that’s a cute little lemon “tree” and I hope it does successfully bloom and produce fruit in a handful of years. You have such patience to wait! And speaking of baby animals in the spring, I was my first baby horse (from a distance) while driving this weekend. But I’d love to see baby calves – so adorable… This is a wonderful salad for the start of warmer weather and love the dressing…

  3. I haven’t researched but I believe Meyer lemons are a hybrid between tangerines and lemons, so they are sweeter, thinner skinned. If the hybrid part is true, you may actually get Meyer lemons when it blossoms. If there are other lemon trees nearby, you might read up on how to pollinate the flowers by hand, so you don’t get cross-pollination? Just an idea.

    I’m with Kate. No veal for me. In this country, the poor little things are tied to small houses so they have shelter but can’t run around as any young animal should. I can’t in all conscience support that industry.

  4. nightsmusic, I know that’s is true about kiwifruit, but lemons? We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Kate, we do have a lovely view – and I do take the time to enjoy it (now and again)

    Javelin Warrior, I have great hopes for the lemon tree – the seeds came all the way from Hawaii. Spring and baby animals…. We have 2 new colts up the road from us.

    Zoomie, fingers crossed for my lemon tree LOL. We don’t get that type of veal here…. It’s older, grass-fed veal that has been out in pasture for around a year. But it’s much more tender than the beef. I haven’t had (or seen) the ‘milk-fed’ veal since we left the US

  5. Lovely punchy salad Katie and well done on giving the Meyer Lemon Tree a go, such a beautiful thing to grow from seed. Thanks so much for linking up to Four Seasons Food.

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  7. Phoenicia, I have faith – and it’s starting to do really well…

    Eli, I don’t think the oyster sauce would be missed – use teriyaki or mushroom soy sauce.

    Eat Your Veg. it’s the only way I’ll get Meyer lemons!