Barbecued Chicken Salad, not a good morning — 7 Comments

  1. I would never have noticed because I drink my coffee black. I have one cup of coffee though before I even get started in the morning. My hat’s off to you for being so productive before that wonderful caffeine courses along…

  2. ICK. I had a coffee disaster thus morning here as well but it was after I had drunk and entire pop and was making a second for Paul. I believe a coffee disaster is easier to tolerate AFTER you’ve already filled up on coffee. 🙂

  3. I HATE it when that happens!! I could let that sort of thing ruin my whole day.

    But that salad looks like it would cheer me up immensely. It sounds wonderful.

  4. Oh, dear! Not only awakened early by the blankety-blank dogs, but also nasty coffee! You deserve better after all your industry!

  5. A very tasty salad, Kate, and I love the homemade French dressing – very handy to have a recipe for this. And barbecue anything is always a favorite of mine… And I almost never drink coffee, but I can imagine your disgust at finding curdled cream – yikes…

  6. nightsmusic, the dogs leave me little choice about my early start. When I lived in the US I drank it black, but since moving to this side of the pond I’m more flexible – morning coffee with milk, afternoon black, night with cream….

    Jerry, I did manage to go on and have my usual 3 mugs 😉

    Elizabeth, thankfully I didn’t spit it on my keyboard…. just the desk LOL

    Kate, yes, several…

    Zoomie, well the rest of the day had to be better, right?

    Javelin Warrior, it was the consistency that really got to me – like cottage cheese Yuck!