Bread Baking Babes Bake Beaujolais Bread — 8 Comments

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  2. This is excellent: “When I asked how much wine she said ‘whatever is left’.” (I too want to hear how the turkey basted in whatever is left of the plum wine tastes like.)

    I do love to see how the various BBBbread turns out! But a small correction: mIne wasn’t Beaujolais bread. It was Whine Bread. Or if you want to specify the region of the wine used, I guess you could call it Douro Bread.

    And you’re right. We were quite negligent not to mention where the rest of the wine went. Fear not. We did drink it. With dinner that was supposed to be accompanied with Whine Bread rather than the potatoes that we had to substitute. (I might have forgotten to mention that. I was so busy with my long-winded whine about how long the stupid bread took to rise.)

  3. I’m always amazed that one recipe gives so many results.. on the other hand we tend to change several ingredients everytime. Thanks Katie for this vineyard with grapes.

  4. So glad we can always count on you Katie! If not for the wonderful roundups to see all our efforts combined then for drinking the wine left (what? Anyone had wine left? Us?)

  5. Why would there be wine left? Well, there was before the bread was baked, but red wine goes soooo well with this bread. You can skip the book of verse and the wilderness, although the picnic sounds just right. Thanks for the great round up. Fun to see the variations on a theme and you do it so well!

  6. Thanks for fixing the name on my bread, Katie. I’m on a tidying binge right now and it’s so satisfying to see things cleaned up nicely.

    It occurs to be that Aparna’s bread should be called “Fauxjolais” Bread because she used no wine at all. 😉

  7. Tanna, you bring the bread, I’ll bring the wine and the story.

    Elizabeth, I promptly corrected your bread title. And I am so relieved the wine wasn’t allowed to go off…. I can rest easy now.

    Lien, you are so right… We Babes are an independent lot.

    Karen, it’s hidden under the back bench (where I sit)

    Elle, exactly, why indeed!

    Fauxjolais… I’ll have to run that by my French Teacher 😉