Healthier Taco Salad — 6 Comments

  1. We always have a taco salad on our Xmas table – the children even as adults request it year after year !!!

  2. What fun to find brats in France! I remember once finding popcorn and cajoling the headmistress of my school to let me use the kitchen to pop it. She and her mother became addicts of “le popcorn” as they watched the only TV in the whole school.

  3. Kate, I had a cousin who brought one to every family reunion – but hated it herself….

    Zoomie, and we ate some last night. They were good. Popcorn is still a novelty here. I grab it whenever I see it… the kernels. I can buy little bags of popped popcorn for a lot of money in the ‘International Foods’ section.

  4. This looks great. But couldn’t you have tacos on the side so they couldn’t get soggy? (Actually, I’d serve this with tortillas. I’m not wild about the deep-friedness of tacos)

    Sausages…. suddenly I’m thinking about your sausage, goat’s cheese and roasted potato salad. (I LOVE that salad! We had a variation of it again last night with blue cheese and left over barbecued pork shoulder.)

  5. I love taco salad and recently we started making it with ground turkey and no one notices the difference. We use taco chips on top of our salad in place of any shells on the bottom. Just curious….do you use any salad dressing?

  6. Elizabeth, I don’t need the calories – rather have more meat and cheese LOL We’ve had that salad (sausage and goat cheese) twice so far this season ;-))

    Stacy, I didn’t use any salad dressing, just the sauce with the beef. I have been known to put a tiny bit of Balsamic vinaigrette on the lettuce, but I don’t really think it needs it. I can only get ground beef here, and sausage. I can’t even get plain ground pork. Yes, I know, I can grind my own…