Pickled Beets; new toy for the boy — 7 Comments

  1. Beets are easy to roast wash off the dirt, dry and rub with olive oil. Roast covered at anywhere from 350 to 425 till sharp knife sinks easily into the beet. Let cool and rub off the skins using paper towel. The stain is water soluble and rinses off easily. They also taste better. You can use the greens also I especially like them in risotto. Karen

  2. I do pickled beets every year, but I hot can them so they last on the shelf. Mine are pretty basic though. Beets, vinegar, a touch of salt, onions, no sugar or cinnamon. I like the pure flavor. I also cook them then peel, cube, sautee in butter with some salt and pepper and chow down 🙂 If you leave a bit of the root and don’t trim to the body then leave about half an inch of the greens, they don’t bleed nearly as bad.

    Tell mon mari that my DH is jealous of his new toy 🙂

  3. Looks like it collects the grass clippings, too – a bonus since then you don’t have to rake them up later or track them into the house. I’m sure he’s tickled pink. I haven’t pickled any beets in a long, long time but I remember it as being very easy except for the stained fingers.

  4. Karen, if I ever see them fresh I’ll get them and try it. Maybe at the markets this summer.Greens in risotto…. yum!

    nightsmusic, this are so easy I whip up a batch whenever we run out. And canning here is more challenging. I did dill pickles the first few years…. and lots of jams when we had all the fruit trees. Now I’m getting lazy.

    Kate, he’s a very happy lad with his new toy. He even said he’s fix the old one for me. Aren’t I lucky?

    Zoomie, the other one had a grass catcher – back in the beginning of time…. He’ll take it off for the field, though.

  5. What about beet greens, Katie? Can you at least get them fresh in the market? Ha! The only reason that we ever have beets in our fridge (which is often) is because I keep buying them for the greens. I love stir-fried beet greens!

    A tractor with a drink holder! Is that safe?? 😉

  6. Elizabeth, the beets are almost always pre-cooked. Even if they’re not pre-packaged, they’ll be in a big bowl with a big spoon and baggies. The French aren’t really in to ‘greens’. The eat the chard stem and toss the leaves…..