Spinach, Mushroom and Garlic Salad; gardening — 6 Comments

  1. The Chinese Spinach digging is weird !!! You will need to set up a garden cam !!! It cannot be doing the plant any good !!!

  2. Your spinach looks yummy here. I don’t grow any and the stuff in the stores looks awful right now. Pale and wilty even though I know it’s not.

    I agree with the video camera. Now you have our imaginations peaked and I want to see what it is too!

  3. Your various vinaigrettes are so tasty, yet simple, that I think they warrant their own “dressings” book on their own. We’re in “salad season” here in the desert; for dinner, that’s optimal.

    Now to the vandalism: “But every night something digs it up and I have to replant it in the morning. It’s not eaten, just uprooted.” Is your husband a night owl? Could he see the Chinese Red Spinach as a threat to his Caesar Salad-making reputation?

  4. Kate, my garden is a perpetual mystery.

    Tanna, there is always something that’s a problem. I’m just happy when it’s a minor one LOL

    Pam, it’s either an animal (neighbor’s cat?) or the lizards playing or ??

    nightsmusic, I love having my own spinach… it really is better picked fresh.

    Dan, you could be right about the hubs…. He’s pretty territorial about that salad. That’s why I plant all the romaine (which is never touched) Hmmmm….