Bread Baking Babes in Tuscany — 5 Comments

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  2. Yes!! What a great idea to have the bread with “strong cheese, dry-cured ham, olives and red wine in the shade” – in the shade of an olive tree near a road lined with wild rosemary would be even better.

    Ah, armchair travel… it’s almost as good as the real thing, isn’t it? Excellent round up, as always, Katie.

  3. I like the shade on the beach idea! almost as much as I like Elizabeths extending the olive tree shade on the road lined with wild rosemary even more … now that road would positively have to be located in Tuscany right?
    Always thanks for making us look so good.

  4. Hi Katie! It’s wonderful the way in which you baked rosemary bread! Don’t know whetehre you know, but here in my city, Prato, just close to Florence, we have a sweet version for that! Basic dough is the same for bread, we add sugar, 1 egg, a lot of rosemary and olive oil, and we can both eat them with jam or cheese and ham! Thanx for sharing this recipe! I’m always glad when I see Tuscany recipes!! Greetings from Tuscany! Simona!!

  5. Elizabeth, with an old, stone ruin in the distance…. Yes, I love armchair travel. For me planning the holiday is sometimes the best part.

    Tanna, the road definitely is in Tuscany – with a nice Italian red.

    Simona, that sounds almost like a savory brioche. I love sweet with savory…. And I love Tuscany!

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