Chard with Onions, Tomatoes and Dijon Mustard, summer — 6 Comments

  1. We love rainbow chard but find it almost impossible to find here, in plants or seeds. Love good whole grain mustard but that also is difficult to find here. One local manufacturer, Lusty Monk, sells an adequate substitute, but very expensive. The best I ever found, in Chicago, was a “French” whole grain, made in Poland.

  2. Lucky dogs! We leave our door open, too, so Cora can come and go. What happens is that all four neighborhood dogs stop in to say hi and beg for a treat, bringing – you guessed it! – leaves with them! 🙂 Oh, well, Cora loves the company.

  3. I just found your website recipes look yummy and easy and quick have a friend who lives in Paris fun to see your french twists on recipes. Chard looks awfully good

  4. Pam, they bring in so many and it’s not even fall yet…. sigh….

    Brassfrog and most of the French mustard is made with seeds grown in Canada LOL

    Gen, I normally have about 6 different mustards in the pantry.

    Zoomie, one just has to accept it – and accept that the house will not stay clean…. ever.

    Hi Susan, and welcome! We love Paris and try to get up there once a year. Glad you like the recipes.