Chard Pimiento Gratin, update from Farmer Kate — 6 Comments

  1. I made plum jam last year. I didn’t like peeling them all, it was a pain in the gazotts. I tried every which way from Sunday and none of them peeled well. The jam was great, but maybe that’s because of all the extra work, I dunno. And we have an overabundance of bunnies this year because I haven’t seen any hawks or owls. Maybe they moved away.

  2. Your gratin has inspired me, Farmer Kate as I have frozen silverbeet from my summer harvest and I could use it in this great dish.

  3. Hell Katie, that’s not a hawk, that must be an eagle it’s so big. Around here I’d say it was a turkey buzzard, but they don’t hunt, just scavenge. But thanks for the picture. Have fun on your holiday.


  4. Those lovely little plums make a really good galette, too. Easy to make and beautiful. Search my blog for “galette” and see the technique I learned from Bea at La Tartine Gourmande for making them extra pretty.

  5. nightsmusic, you PEELED the plums?!? I thought I was doing good taking the stones out LOL. The peels on mine cook down to nothing… Think about it for next time,

    Kate, any green should work.

    Brassforg, we have a lot of different raptors around here…. good hunting I think.

    Zoomie, a galette would be good. There is another tree that is just getting ripe – thanks for the recipe link