Grilled Chicken Thighs with Hoisin Barbecue Sauce — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, that’s just not fair! After all the hard work, too! I feel your pain. But don’t let summer tomatoes slip by. They are worth a trip to the farmers market.

  2. Sigh. It’s not fair is it? I have read about feeding tomato plants too much. I have two in the garden with lots of good compost that are struggling (too many foggy days) and two volunteers in the greenhouse that receive spotty water and are green, healthy and putting out blossoms (always late season around here). Go figure. My sis in Colorado puts “walls of water” around her tomatoes and gets killer crops every year – even if it snows in June!

  3. A gallon of water, one tablespoon baking soda and one teaspoon oil. Add the oil after the baking soda, shake it really good and lightly spray. It won’t kill what’s there I don’t think, but it will help keep the rest of the plant from getting it and it’s natural. Just don’t overspray because the oil will keep the plant from breathing if you use too much.

    And I’m really sorry. There’s nothing like a big, warm, just picked tomato between two slices of fluffy white bread smothered in mayo. That’s lunch and dinner for me in the summer. But there’s always next year….

  4. Zoomie, I have tons of tomatoes on the plants…. if they ripened my freezer would be full and I would be very happy… I’m keeping my fingers crossed that some will be saved.

    Christine, every time I think I know what I’m doing I get blindsided and realize I know nothing. I understand why farmers talk and complain about the weather constantly LOL

    nightsmusic, I sprayed the Bordeaux mix – it’s what is used on all the vines in France… and a lot of tomatoes, according to the guy at the garden store. Thanks for the tip – added to my gardening book