Potato Salad with Mushrooms and Goat Cheese, my new hoe — 4 Comments

  1. Your potager looks healthy and happy. May I suggest next time grow your corn in square blocks instead of rows – helps to fertilize them with the boy and girl bits being close to each other. Gail

  2. This salad looks awfully good. But is it really as good as your sausage/potato/goatscheese salad? (We just had that again a couple of nights ago; it was delicious!)

    I have serious green bean envy now. I planted yellow wax bush beans in various parts of the garden and they are just barely holding on in only one place. (Another would have been growing beautifully if vandals hadn’t smashed and overturned the giant pot they were in….) May we borrow your neighbouring farmer? We could use some of that manure, most for the garden and some (a good shot) for the vandals.

  3. Gail, the rows are pretty close together…. there’s barely room to squeeze through to pick LOL

    Zoomie, it does seem to have done wonders…. It’s almost scary LOL

    Elizabeth, it’s really as good…. different, but as good.I’ll let him know…. We didn’t even see him deliver it – it was just there one morning… a lot of it!