Smoked Pasta, lunch in the vineyard

Smoked pasta?

You’ve never had smoked pasta?

It is, without a doubt, the best dish of summer.

We’ve been making it for years and it’s better each time.

I make it for guests…. They are always skeptical at first, then amazed at how fantastic it is. Then we come to blows over the last of it.

It’s worth buying a smoker just so you can make it.

It’s that good

The recipe, Smoked Pasta, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Smoked Pasta with Cheese.

We went to a little festival at a local vineyard today.

It’s really more of a lunch party than a festival.  There’s nothing for sale other than food and wine.

There’s food and wine to buy to take home and food and wine to buy and consume ‘sur place’.


There was grilled steak with fries, grilled duck breast with fries, foie gras, snails, salads, breads, fruits and sweets.

You decide what you want then go from booth to booth to collect it, pick up a bottle of wine and find a table.


There are tables under the trees and tables in the barn….. By the cows.


Parking is in the vineyard.


And there was live entertainment.


I told you it was summer…..

I’m submitting this dish to the Four Seasons Food Challenge hosted by Eat Your Veg this month (alternate months hosted by Delicieux ) The theme this month is ‘Al Fresco’.


Last update on August 28, 2023

3 thoughts on “Smoked Pasta, lunch in the vineyard”

  1. Sounds an absolutely perfect way to picnic! Your smoked pasta dish has me hankering for a smoker. Mr CC is against them (carcinogens from the smoke?) but I think a once-in-a-while taste treat like you’ve presented here is worth it.

  2. Zoomie, I’ve only had their dry white and rose… The white is good, I bought a case – 4 euros a bottle. We are so spoiled with wine prices here.

    Christine, I suppose there are carcinogens, but the heat is really low – if that counts. We don’t use it often, but I love it for this and for smoking salmon.

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