Steak Caesar Salad, a long day — 6 Comments

  1. No matter what, there is never enough time. I don’t think I have opened a novel since February and that appalls me !!

  2. Poor Guapa! She has to observe your schedule at your country house, and possibly still wonders why any human would ever work 70 hours per week in an office. She might think, why not work 168 hours per week guarding stuff, “huh, Katie? ‘Cause that’s much more satisfying to me. Signed, Guapa.”

  3. That is life – particularly as you get older. You can work hard all day and come evening, the tasks you had set out to do are still waiting! I am keeping watch on our Mirabelles. They are just beginning to colour. The last time I had enough for jam was 3 years ago. The seasons vary so much here.

  4. No plums here at my CCRC, but there are service berries, which I never seen before. I made jam from them following a blueberry recipe and it was great. They do have a tiny seed but it’s worth it to get the final product.

  5. You are easily the most productive person I know. Crazy hours, but you and your Mari accomplish miracles in a single day.

  6. Kate, I read while I ride my exercise bike. (I also read on a treadmill) If I couldn’t do that I’d never exercise (or read)

    Dan, the only way I could get Guapa to settle down was to give her belly rubs. She even let Bonnie handle all of the fence patrol. I did watch for the bunnies to help….

    Gill, we’ve had a bumper crop from all of our plum trees – the biggest ever. I hope you get them before the birds.

    Chuck, I’ve never heard of service berries…. I have bramble berries but can’t get at them 😉

    Pam, we do manage to keep busy LOL