Stuffed Rainbow Chard Leaves Caprese, the family

This time of year, when the salads are done and before the beans and tomatoes and sweet corn start, we alternate between chard and summer squash.

On weekends, when we have a first course, we have one for the starter and the other for the vegetable one night, then reverse it for the next.

I often stuff whichever is the first course choice.

Stuffed Rainbow Chard Leaves Caprese

Total time: 35 minutes


  • 10 medium – large chard leaves
  • 3oz (90gr) fresh mozzarella, thinly sliced
  • 20 large basil leaves
  • 10 cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced
  • 2 tbs pesto
  • 2 tbs good Greek yogurt

Caprese Chard Leaves with Pesto Instructions:

  • Blanch the chard leaves in boiling water for 20 seconds.
  • Remove and refresh in cold water, separating the leaves from each other. Drain well.
  • Cut the stem out by slicing on either side of the stem, about half way up the chard leaf.  Discard or reserve for another use.
  • Place 1/10 of the mozzarella, tomatoes and basil on each leaf, about 2 inches from the tip.
  • Roll the end of the leaf over, then roll the whole bundle over once.
  • Tuck the sides of the leaf in, folding as necessary and continue rolling to make a neat bundle.
  • Put chard bundles into a skillet, add 1/4 inch of water, cover and simmer for 10 minutes. They don’t need to cook, just warm through.
  • Combine pesto and yogurt.
  • Spoon sauce onto 2 plates, add stuffed chard leaves and serve

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I managed to take a few family photos, but it wasn’t easy.

There are about 8 kitties living on his aerie and it’s difficult to get my dogs to ignore them.

The other dogs have to pay attention to my dogs so it all gets to be a bit of a zoo.

Great-uncle Panda is in the corner, brother Genghis is in the center and Guapa (of course) in the back.


This is a side-by-side of Genghis and Guapa…. He’s a bit bigger. Guapa tried for three days to get him to play, but no luck.


Here is a better photo of Panda.

Panda is a lot like Bonnie…. Very demanding of pets and cuddles.

Unlike Bonnie, his head is above my waist when he comes for attention


And here is Grandma Tippy, the boss of the house.

She has supreme authority over both her brother and her grandson.


We had hoped that she would recognize our dogs as family and not try to kill them.

All was fine when all of the humans were present. But the boys decided to run some errands and I was left alone with all the dogs.

About 30 seconds later I heard a low noise coming from the doorway.

Ten seconds after that I realized it was a growl.

Then there was an answering, louder growl immediately followed by snarling and snapping and barking.

I believe Tippy was explaining that she (Tippy) was in charge.

I believe Guapa was explaining that since the only human in the house was her human, she (Guapa) was in charge.

Things were getting rapidly serious.

I know a lot of people would say I should have left them to settle the question, but I was afraid that Bonnie would decide to help Guapa, then the boys would jump in for fun and mon mari would come home to a pile of blood and bones…. mine included.

I grabbed the first thing I could find…. the dishtowel.

Actually, it wasn’t such a bad choice.

I swatted at both their heads and the waving, flapping towel got their attention.

Then I grabbed a broom and put it between them.

My dogs and I retired to our room to discuss appropriate doggie manners.

Once our friend returned, calm was restored and we could rejoin the gathering.

But Guapa was very careful to keep me between her and Tippy whenever we walked by.

5 thoughts on “Stuffed Rainbow Chard Leaves Caprese, the family”

  1. Good choice of weapon !! We have the odd canine altercation here, usually over food, but these are descendants of wolves I always remind myself.

  2. Quick thinking! A real fight between such big dogs could really have been nasty. And Tippy, being on her own turf and the queen, probably would not have given way.

  3. I’m very much of a mind to do the veggies as starters! It always goes well with wine 😉
    Towels work with kids, why not dogs, sounds like the perfect outcome especially when you consider the follow up behavior.

  4. Kate, it worked. I learned a few years ago not to stick my hand in between these big dogs. Fortunately, it was winter and I had a heave coat on LOL

    Zoomie, I was afraid that the other dogs would join in on the fun.

    Tanna, these are great for starters. It was a pretty flimsy towel, but I think the fluttering got their attention…. Followed by the broom.

  5. I never thought of stuffing chard leaves! I’ve been stir-frying them with mustard seeds, chopped apricots, garlic, onions and a little vinegar. They’re delicious that way but how great to have a new way (for me) to eat chard.

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