Stuffed Rainbow Chard Leaves Caprese, the family — 5 Comments

  1. Good choice of weapon !! We have the odd canine altercation here, usually over food, but these are descendants of wolves I always remind myself.

  2. Quick thinking! A real fight between such big dogs could really have been nasty. And Tippy, being on her own turf and the queen, probably would not have given way.

  3. I’m very much of a mind to do the veggies as starters! It always goes well with wine 😉
    Towels work with kids, why not dogs, sounds like the perfect outcome especially when you consider the follow up behavior.

  4. Kate, it worked. I learned a few years ago not to stick my hand in between these big dogs. Fortunately, it was winter and I had a heave coat on LOL

    Zoomie, I was afraid that the other dogs would join in on the fun.

    Tanna, these are great for starters. It was a pretty flimsy towel, but I think the fluttering got their attention…. Followed by the broom.

  5. I never thought of stuffing chard leaves! I’ve been stir-frying them with mustard seeds, chopped apricots, garlic, onions and a little vinegar. They’re delicious that way but how great to have a new way (for me) to eat chard.