Zucchini Noodles with Ham and Feta — 4 Comments

  1. My 12-year old likes to cook. She also loves gadgets. Last weekend she cleaned out the gadget drawer and asked me what everything was for, and then laid out all the ones she hadn’t yet used–and proceeded to use them as she could. Garlic press? I’ve had it for decades and stopped using it about ten years ago when I realized I could mince almost as fast and there wasn’t a metallic aftertaste–or fussy washing. Strawberry hull remover? Ditto, and a quick V cut with the paring knife gets the stem and leaves off, and I can also continue the slice to cut the berry in half. I keep them because I have used them and they all fit in the drawer, still.
    And yes, I use my mandolin, but only if I’m slicing a lot–not worth it for one onion.

  2. Tanna, my mandolin replaces a ‘late-night TV slicer’ LOL

    Zoomie, exactly! Often the best part of my day,

    Karen, Sounds just like me…. They all seemed like a good idea at the time…. Donate them to your 12 year old.