Braised Green Beans with Tomatoes, visit to the vet — 5 Comments

  1. You made me laugh because our dogs act exactly the same way at the vet. Too funny! Though of course, the bill isn’t at the end of the visit, but…

    These green beans look delicious! I love green beans. And cherry tomatoes. And shallots. So this is a winner for me. And you don’t use any moisture but the oil and butter to simmer the beans? I have to make this one this week.

  2. Cora pants nervously at the vet and always wants to greet the other dogs (Our vet has a cat area and a dog area, so at least she’s not trying to chase the cats) and she sheds like crazy when she’s nervous, so I always get covered in hair by the time we leave. But she’s a love with the vet, because he has yummy treats in his pocket. 🙂

  3. nightsmusic, no, no other liquid. The tomatoes have moisture, but sometimes I just use butter and low heat. Fortunately, vet bills, like doc bills, are reasonable here.

    Tanna, anyone who is against butter….. Poor things. The girls will do anything for the possibility of food.

    Zoomie, our vet doesn’t have treats. Most vets here are ‘big animal’ vets, for the cows and horses, and dogs and cats are just a sideline. Still, he’s a nice vet and treats the dogs well.

    Desme, hope you like it 😉