Grilled Scallops on Tomato Tarragon Pasta — 6 Comments

  1. This looks and sounds really good! I will definitely try this! I agree about herbs, i have a greenhouse surrounded by a deck. Most of my herbs grow year round in very large clay pots. Thanks for the recipe. Chuck

  2. Katie,

    Have a wonderful vacation.

    Would love to see a picture of those horney indie spiders.

  3. Ask your French neighbors what to do about the spiders. They may have some tried and true methods. I had to smile at the thought of amorous French spiders with berets cocked at a jaunty angle.

  4. Chuck, my herbs are in a little micro-climate, but they only one that survives all winter is the parsley…. the rest are good for 9 or 10 months though.

    Brassfrog, I would have to actually look at them in order to take a photo… Not going to happen!

    Kate, there is a spray, and I do use it… It works most of the year, but not at the peak.

    Zoomie, I have asked at school – they do the same thing I do… If they’re like me they scream for help LOL

    Karen, actually, they have killed a few for me, but they’re not allowed upstairs. I may have to change that.