Peach Melba Cheesecake, without a springform pan — 9 Comments

  1. At least two tractors! Yes they are actually cute lined up that way.
    Since there was too much of that cheese cake, just share it with us, I’m sure we can help with that problem. Wish we could help lift that door tomorrow 😉

  2. With two tractors, you can have races!! Your fruit topping will go so well with my “Ultimate Cheesecake” recipe. What cheese did you use, Katie? I haven’t seen anything like the tubs of cottage cheese I use for all my cheesecakes in the French supermarkets

  3. Deebar, sure – I’ll do that tomorrow

    Tanna, after all the cheesecake I should be doing multiple lifts of the door by myself… lots of them

    Gill, I’ve only seen cottage cheese here once, many years ago. I used Philadelphia brand cream cheese, which I found in the Carrefour in Bordeaux. I have seen it locally, once, but not anything I could count on.

    Zoomie, the caramel cookies are really good – crust wasn’t bad either LOL

  4. Thanks, Katie. We are going to Angoulême next week so will look in the Carrefour there as well as the Grand Frais.

  5. Wait just a minute here… are you saying there are no peaches in your peach melba topping?

    Your cheesecake and its topping look fabulous (I’ve always thought that graham cracker base is overrated – unless it’s made with those dark chocolate wafers. Then it’s underrated. And still not graham cracker base…).

  6. Thanks, Kate!

    Gill, sounds like a fun outing. I love going to Gran Frais!

    Elizabeth, the nectarines here are usually a lot more flavorful. I always buy both…. When the peaches are good, though, they’re wonderful.