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Polenta Bread, the Bread Baking Babes play in the corn — 9 Comments

  1. This is pretty simple to do and pays off on spades of flavor.
    I’m with you on the grilling of this. I think I need to bake it again and grill it … Haha and have it with avocado & smoked salmon.

  2. Tanna, avocado, smoked salmon and a glass of bubbly!

    Kate, always real butter. I’ve always disliked the fake stuff.

    Gill, your lunch sounds lovely

    Cathy, they all look beautiful.

  3. You’re eating cheesecake? And roasted peaches? Yes, I will gladly trade! And get the better end of the deal. Although… this bread IS awfully good.

    Great post, as usual, showing all of the BBB breads.

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