Potato Gratin with Herbs and Garlic, from ‘The Two Fat Ladies’ — 7 Comments

  1. Ah yes, the two Fat ladies! We loved them. My favourite show was when Jennifer Paterson gingerly went into the chicken house to fetch just laid eggs – her bright red fingernails slay me every time I see them!

    We often make their bubble and squeak. And now we’re going to have to make these potatoes!

  2. Looks delicious Katie…I make one similar which includes parsnips as well. I love the Two Fat Ladies – they are a riot! Wish we could get the re-run shows where I live!

  3. Nikki, actually, the prep is pretty quick

    Tanna, we watched them all the time when we were in Ireland – they were current then.

    Zoomie, we have to have the cheese course….. And I always buy to much so I have lots left LOL

    Kate, they were fun – and not in the least politically correct….

    Elizabeth, how she ever managed to keep the polish on is beyond me…. and working with all those rings LOL

    Ina, oh, parsnips…. that would be good. I don’t see them often, but buy them when I can,