Stuffed Zucchini, Taco Style — 4 Comments

  1. August in France is very similar to the “builder’s break” in South Africa when most firms close down from 16th December to mid January and anyone who can, heads to the coast. You learn to live with it and just hope that you and/or your belongings don’t need any specialist attention during that time.

  2. Well, I think it may have been awhile since you called to make a dr appointment this side of the pond Katie. I almost never talk to a real person … patience one must have to listen carefully as the menu has changed.
    I also love the idea of the taco zucchini!

  3. Kate, I definitely think you will have to…. a lot of patience.

    Gill, all of the empty shelves by the end of August still amaze me.

    Tanna, it has been a long time. I haven’t run into the automated systems here… But they will call back with an appt. if I have to leave a message. After August.