Zucchini Soup, making soups for the freezer — 2 Comments

  1. Yikes! How horrible for you! But well done for rescuing the garden. Although…. Blue? Your tomatoes are blue??

    Now I’m wondering if it’s blight that has prevented my yellow zucchini from flowering and setting fruit. I dutifully put two plants in the pot and as far as I know, they are male and female.

    I was so hoping to have an embarrassment of zucchinis!

    I love the colour of your yellow zucchini soup!

  2. Elizabeth, you only need one zucchini – it has both the make and female flowers. Their blue because of the bouilly bordelaise I sprayed. It’s the same spray that the vineyards use to protect the grapes. They add blue color to it so the tourists don’t eat the grapes. Vines get sprayed every 2 weeks (or after a rain) all summer. This blight only bothers potatoes and tomatoes.