Parmesan Orzo with Fresh Herbs — 5 Comments

  1. This looks yummy! A good side dish to be sure and one I’ll be using. Wonder how fresh spinach would be…

  2. We’ll be able to compare notes. I will be starting French school in Marrakech next month although a broad Aussie accent trying to speak French is not going to be a good look !!

  3. Ahh! Next Tuesday we will be following the swallows south. Enjoy your lessons, Katie. Kate, I took note of Geraldine on Comme une Française when she said not to worry too much about your accent, it is part of the charm when you are trying to master the language!

  4. Taste of Beirut, we like healthy LOL. And it doesn’t need more butter.

    nightsmusic, fresh spinach, stirred in at the end? Perfect!

    Kate, about the same as an American accent…. Comparing notes will be good.

    Gill, is summer over already? Hope it was a good one. Charming, I’ll remember that…