Red Onion, Walnut and Goat Cheese Tart, would you want this in your house? — 5 Comments

  1. The itzy bitzy spider went … if finding a new GP is anything like mini-me France – aka Quebec – then good luck!!! I know often I have to resort to clinics to get seen to. Luckily, I have LOTS of time on my hands

    Psst, do the dogs crack the nuts open – or eat them whole? LOL

  2. Phoenicia, I assume not poisonous. We have poisonous snakes, but I’ve never heard of dangerous spiders…. Just big and scary 😉

    Pam, and the hubs has to switch his endo doc, too…. Lucky him. I hate it as well.

    Kate, I couldn’t have gotten that close if it hadn’t been in the bathtub. They can’t get out (so the hubs assures me)

    Anna, there was nothing bitzy about it! We don’t have clinics…. Just the individual docs and their office hours. But they do make house calls and their is an emergency doc on call as well. Yes, they crack them and get the nutmeat out…. and leave a mess! Why do they always want to bring them inside?