Stuffed Bell Peppers, Oriental Style — 6 Comments

  1. I think you find better rice selections where there are large Asian populations; here, we have all kinds of choices at reasonable prices as there is a large and vibrant community of folks whose cultures are based on rice.

    I’m with you on hand sanitizers – don’t use them, and wonder why anyone would? Seems to me they will just “select” for the kinds of germs that can resist them and we’ll end us with “super germs” in this war of escalation.

    I’m enjoying your observations of the differences between French and American markets, customs, etc.

  2. Katie – I love stuffed any kind of vegetables – so good! I have never seen quick cooking brown rice where we live, so usually I will make a big pot of brown rice (takes 55 min. to cook) so we have extra on hand for recipes just like this one. We just recently had stuffed Heirloom Baking Tomatoes…something I have never heard of before. I will be looking for them at next years farmer’s market – they were to die for!

  3. Still here, still reading, packing to move and have lost my mind trying to sort through everything. But I took the night off only to find this lovely recipe. Can’t eat the peppers, but can certainly eat the stuffing and my husband would gobble these up so this is a definite keeper.

    I have never used hand sanitizer at home but used it a lot when I worked in the hospital. Some nights, no matter how hard I scrubbed my hands or how hot the water was, the hand sanitizer just seemed to be another layer of…eww, did I get that all off yet? Because even with gloves, there are times when you just know they weren’t enough protection…

  4. As we have such a large Asian population here in Australia, rice of every sort abounds and some of the bags are massive, 5 – 10 kgs !! We also have many of those quick types in sachets, lots mixed with quinoa and chia now.

  5. Zoomie, I don’t use bacterial soaps and I cut everything on my butcher-block (gasp!) except raw meat. I have another wood board for that LOL

    Ina, and I can’t find slow-cooking brown rice. Mine is brown basmati and naturally quick-cooking.

    nightsmusic, my sympathy on the packing…. The stuffing works in summer and winter squash, too. Good luck

    Sharana, I love stuffed vegetables!

    Kate, I was surprised at how limited the choices were. There is a big choice at the regular supermarkets here…. And then there’s the Asian market