A Tale of Two Pizzas, or would that be 4 pizzas…. — 5 Comments

  1. I am amazed at how your tomatoes have recovered from the drastic treatment earlier in the summer!! The pizza looks delicious.

  2. Your pizzas look delicious. I still make my own crust but also like using naan bread or wraps like you used. So quick and easy. I have tomato envy. What bounty!

  3. Kate, it’s a balancing act between my pizza craving and my desire continue to fit into my clothes LOL

    Gill, so am I! Dumbfounded is more like it…. I picked another 8 today.

    Zoomie, I think that would be the same, although our tortillas, both corn and flour, are Old El Paso and in the international foods section, and the ‘wraps’ are with the bread They seem a little softer and more flexible than the Old El Paso tortillas.

    Penny, these were not nearly as filling as the pizza when I make the crust…. better for the hips LOL