Bread Baking Buddies Stuff It!

Being host kitchen of the month for the illustrious Bread Baking Babes is an awesome task.

First, one has to decide on the bread…. Drool-worthy research is involved.

Second, one must bake the chosen bread, in this case, Caramelized Onion, Herb and Cheese Stuffed Bread. 

Third, one must eat the bread (best part – this one should be ‘warm from the oven’).

Fourth, one must admire (and drool over) all of the other Babes Breads. I gathered them together to more easily accomplish this task.

And, finally, one must collect all of the amazing variations on said bread by our equally illustrious Bread Baking Buddies.

I might add that I would be very happy if there was a thick slice of each and every one of these breads sitting in front of me…. With a glass of red.


Soep Kipje

Rumor has it that this went very well with fried eggs….


Sweet and That’s It

Carola is a brave baker and doubled the recipe for two delicious, totally different loaves: One sweet with apples and raisins, the other savory with ham, cheese and sun-dried tomatoes.
Both look fantastic.

bbb oct 14 filled

Crumbs of Love

Sandie, in honor (or caution) of Halloween used 2 heads of garlic in her bread….
And then painted a face on it.
I love it!


Karen’s Kitchen Stories

It’s not that the Babes or Buddies have a hard time following directions….
When / if they choose to do so they do very well.
I only mention this because Karen came the closest to the original recipe of anyone. Only one small change – which I really like!


Kudos Kitchen

Renee also used sun-dried tomatoes (what a good idea!) and mozzarella.
Think ‘Pizza Bread’
She also did a cute twist to finish…..

stuffed braided bread - finish - 9

Judy Brower Hunt made it twice – one sweet, one savory
But I don’t have a post to link to (?)









Louise Persson baked a lovely loaf….
But, alas, also nothing to link it to.


If I have missed any – or anyone is, maybe, a wee bit late and would still like to be included please let me know.

And many thanks everyone for baking this fun, bread with us!

5 thoughts on “Bread Baking Buddies Stuff It!”

  1. Look at that huge amount of delicacies… I feel like being in “bread-paradise”!
    Thank you for the round up, dear Katie… Now I wish I still had some… uh wait! I still have some in the freezer! Let me see if it has survived deep-freezing!
    I love you Babes, your choices are always awesome.
    xx Thank you

  2. Louise, you are so welcome…. baking is better ;-))

    Carola, thanks for all the kind words – and for baking with us.

    Thanks, Tanna.

    Karen, we’ll help you change that LOL

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