Egg “Noodles” with Yellow Tomato Sauce, So long… — 6 Comments

  1. You sound just like us when we have to put Cora in the kennel. We researched it thoroughly, interviewed all the owners, let her go for a “test afternoon” to make sure she was okay, and watched through the one-way mirror to make sure she was playing well with her new friends – and still we worried about her while we were gone! Have a lovely time being a “flaneur.” Or would that be “flaneuse?”

  2. The egg noodles are genius. Having chickens, this is perfect for us as entertaining fare. Have you tried serving it room temp?
    And congrats on your unplug plan. I did it recently and found it very refreshing. One tip. Give yourself permission to take pics of some good and markets. Old school scrapbook style vs invasive food blogger. It’s Paris. It’s going to be art on a plate. Then it’s gone forever. I bet you won’t be able to resist bringing some food memories home. Just don’t Instagram the evidence!
    Have fun! Look forward to the post report and inspiration.

  3. Kate, I think it’s because we can’t explain it to them….

    Zoomie, we passed on the test stay…. they didn’t think it was needed… They were right LOL

    Teresa, I have served them at room temp…. The hubs is diabetic and these are better than real pasta…. Pics forthcoming.