Hunter’s Eggs, an interesting week and a falling snake — 6 Comments

  1. No snakes in my week but one big horror of a spider on the front porch. I had to use the back gate as I am so terrified I could not go out the front door and even pass it though it was very high up. I called a friend who is ridiculously fearless and he relocated it to another suburb !!!! But I am on high alert in case there is another lurking !!!

  2. Not a pleasant experience even though it is harmless. We have a Couleuvre verte et jaune ~~ Hierophis, (Coluber), viridiflavus living in the brambles at the back of our orchard which I’ve met a couple of times. I treat all snakes with respect because many that I’ve encountered whilst living in countries north of South Africa, are decidedly poisonous.

  3. Encountering a snake in my garden or yard always startles me although I know that none are venomous. Having one drop from a tree that I was under would quite do me in. I’m glad you could write about it AND produce a recipe! Well done.

  4. Kate, height is irrelevant, they can drop…. Shudder….

    Gill, I treat them with respect because they’re big LOL

    Zoomie, I agree… snakes should stay on the ground!

    Dan, thanks – dinner so I can have wine ‘-)

    Christine, I had one fall of a beam in the barn once, almost on my head. I jump (high) but that’s about it. Now if had fallen ON my head….