Caramelised Onion, Herb, Cheese Stuffed Bread, I’m a Babe! — 15 Comments

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  2. It’s beautiful! 😉 and very good! haha and I’m ready to bake it again.
    We loved it with soup but they start picking apples here next week … apple pie with cheese … only in this bread! Got to bake next week.

  3. A joy to bake with you again Katie. A great recipe, wonderful taste. I was suprised how the cheese and onions vanished a bit after the bake, but the taste was still there. Thanks for this wonderful recipe.

  4. I’m so glad you joined in again! We’re just about to taste our Caramelized Onion Bread – that we allowed to cool completely before cutting into because it’s still baking inside (she said pedantically). But we’re warming it up. Because you’re right. Warm bread just out of the oven tastes better, doesn’t it?

    I’m hoping to have my post up later today (photos still in the camera).

    Many thanks for this lovely bread!!

  5. I’ve enjoyed baking as a buddy for some time now. This recipe is exactly what I’m looking for for my vegetarian family. I don’t blog, but will share pics. Thank you!

  6. Definitely a bread to eat warm from the oven… and eat and eat it until it is gone. This is a wonderful bread to have with a bowl of soup now that it is rainy and chilly here in France. I love the versatility of this loaf and there are so many fabulous combinations of fillings possible, and each would be wonderful with this light, fluffy bread. A great choice, Katie, and so glad to be baking with you!

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  8. Tanna, I could see this as a sweet bread…. apples, cinnamon, cheese…. Ham LOL

    It was great to get back in the flour again, Lien. Glad you liked the bread.

    Heather, yeah – warm from the oven is best ;-))

    Rebekah, give it a try – let me know.

    Elizabeth, I was so hoping you would throw caution to the wind and slice into it still warm, It could have finished baking and needed to be sliced so it didn’t get over done….

    Louise, send me the pics – I’ll post them…

    Phoenicia, you’ll always be a Babe!

    Thanks, Elle, I really enjoyed it.

    Karen, warm from the oven rocks!

    Glad you liked it Jamie, and good to be back. But you’re having cool? We’re having a mini heat wave…. More tomatoes!

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