Baked Salmon Florentine, in the style of… — 4 Comments

  1. Very interesting article Katie. I just spent half a day driving around town trying to find lengua (beef tongue). Most supermarket chains said they’d special order it for me, but you know how that goes $$$. I have been looking for a tienda (Hispanic grocery) here but have been unsuccessful. I finally found a high-end butcher shop that normally carries them, although I had to come back the next day to get one. It was only $5.99 a pound and was from hormone-free grass fed beef, a big plus in my mind.

    But back to your article. How easy is it for you to find cockscombs, truffles or sweetbreads? And I won’t even ask about foie gras…


  2. brassfrog. if it’s edible (or even not) I can find it (if I want it) All of our supermarkets have butchers and all the towns have little specialty butcher shops – horse? beef? pig? As well we can buy directly from the farmers….

    Jerry, a freezer full? Did you catch it? :Lucky you.

    Kate – chicken would be great – thanks for the idea LOL