Cashew Shrimp with Red Peppers, self-walking dogs — 5 Comments

  1. I wish I had self-walking dogs. Well, one I sort of do. We’ve had her since she was 5 weeks old. When she goes out, she won’t go more than 50 feet from the house unless someone is with her and won’t stay outside at all without someone out there. Our other dobe is a rescue. If we let him off leash, he’ll run until his lungs explode. Usually in one direction. And we can’t keep up with him. The only way to get him is to chase him down in the car and open the door. He’s all for a ride! We’re really hoping he grows out of that since we just moved to three acres and it would be nice to let him run a bit.

    Your dinner looks lovely but I can’t eat the nuts 🙁

  2. Pam. if only they were also reliable….

    Zoomie, we’ll never know – the neighbors were gone, too.

    nightsmusic, I had a Saint like that once… I could always catch her with the car. But so could anyone else. She would jump into any car with an open door, welcome or not. Mine are stupid around cars – they don’t know to get out of the way.

    Kate, we only know for sure that they came back the right way…. what else happened remains a mystery.