Cheeseburger Quiche, with Butternut Squash, and a wee rant on the new foodies — 6 Comments

  1. I like the pics of your food – it looks like the same as that which we enjoy eating and also, you start with basic ingredients. You have given me so many ideas and the odd recipe I’ve followed to the letter, is delicious. Fortunately my husband is always willing to try something new. Much of what I see on Pinterest either uses ready made sauces/mixes which don’t mean a thing to me or else is so rich and calorie laden that you can only have it very rarely.

  2. Everybody has jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon so I guess it was inevitable that some would go to any lengths (so to speak) to make themselves noticed. Your cheeseburger pie looks delicious!

  3. I was on Pinterest for about five minutes before I realized that it would be a really addictive time waster for me, so I stopped. I don’t miss it, nor do I miss Twitter. It would probably be good for sending traffic to my blog, but not worth it to me. I hope they change the format so you can enjoy it again.

  4. I loved it when my mom made Hamburger Helper! Oh memories…

    Well, I know little of Pinterest except its existence…just one more thing to catch up on!

  5. Kate. we ate the whole thing…

    Gill, glad you like it! Sometimes I think the recipes posted on Pinterest are only about the photos and not about the actual food. We eat it LOL

    Penny, exactly…. BTW, I’m making your acorn squash tonight.

    Zoomie, it can be a time waster, but I have dogs to keep me in line…. and bug me LOL

    Betty, and Tuna Helper LOL. Yeah, a lot to catch up on and keep track of.