Spaghetti Squash Pie, the update — 6 Comments

  1. Between the mallet & the squash … which is more awesome. Wonder if a girl could make her own mallet. Guess I’ll start with the squash.
    You cut the dogs belly fur; I cut Gorn’s hair.

  2. I am admiring your mallet and cleaver as I don’t even have a wooden spoon at the moment let alone a decent saucepan !! I have distinct utensil envy !!

  3. Those bricks are going to make a stunning path – lets hope there is enough rain to soften the ground before turning it into a quagmire.

    We’ve inherited some stunning hand made metal tools and if a mallet like that doesn’t turn up, we have the wood, my husband enjoy’s woodwork so……….!

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  5. Tanna, the mallet really is fantastic – as is the squash. Trying to keep the dirt and wet down this winter. Bonnie’s hair gets so long.

    Kate, but shopping is going to be such fun?

    Gill, that was the main tool the hubs used when he installed the wood floors…. worked perfectly.

    Zoomie, the installation is starting… the laying, I guess would be a better term LOL