Winter Cabbage Salad; proper way to buy firewood — 6 Comments

  1. Hey! The guy my DH buys our trees from must have moved over the ocean! 😉

    We don’t buy our wood cut. We usually find it for free, fallen trees and such which my DH then cuts and quarters or, in the case of our little old man, he charges a minimal amount for the deadwood and my DH cuts and quarters that. Unfortunately for me, the house we bought and are still trying to put things away in no longer has a fireplace. We’ll be rectifying that come spring, but it’s going to be a long, cold winter…

  2. I am impressed with your French abilities – you are so much further down the track than me – I admire you and envy you !! I would not dare make a phone call. I can just master a taxi trip !!!!

  3. Fun little story, so evocative of France. I’m glad you gave the guy time to get to know you and to reminisce a little about the previous tenants. Good on you!

  4. nightsmusic, and our house has 4 fireplaces – 2 don’t work, 1 has a stove. I don’t think free wood is possible here. Most people, at least out here in the country, burn wood. We get it in meter lengths then mon mari cuts it. He’d like to get whole trees but hasn’t found a source for that. I think there’s an old farmer monopoly.

    Kate, phone calls are sooooo hard. So are old farmers LOL

    zoomie, we still don’t have the wood….

  5. So now I understand why any attempts I have made at making cole slaw here have been failures! I guess I didn’t realize that we were dealing with different types of cabbage.

    I love your blog’s “new look” by the way — well it may not be that new, but it is new to me. And the depth of the site is amazing.