Oriental Orzo; I won (at) the Lotto — 5 Comments

  1. You have totally floored me! I love the orzo (risotto style), but what I just learned about Lotto is shocking me. I never doubted it was a lottery like in the US. How very interesting. Hmm…do I dare give it a try next time in France?…….

  2. Kate, a big bag of groceries – pasta, sugar, flour, cooking oil, instant potatoes, big tin of green beans, etc, etc…. lots of stuff.

    Zoomie, most of it we don’t use (instant potatoes, kilo bags of powdered sugar) so I took the majority of it to the local food bank.

    Gill, it’s a nice change (and I love orzo)

    Susan, absolutely give it a try. You’ll need to buy the tickets (of course) and either buy drinks or there will be a fee to get in that includes the apero. I’m sure you will be warmly welcomed.