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  1. When my girls were little, I got into the habit of having Christmas Eve dinner, though I’m not sure what started it because both my husband’s and my parents came and then got together again in the morning. But I’ve been making the same menu for years now.

    Standing rib roast
    Sauteed mushrooms
    Garden salad

    Simple. Easy. Yummy.

    Then my sister-in-law, who couldn’t pass by a potato of any kind without taking a bite, decided she needs twice baked potatoes. She brings them done but for some reason, it all still turns into a huge production. *wishes you could see my eyes rolling here* And then she needs dessert and I usually just make my great gran’s shortbread recipe for dessert. That and coffee or tea. But she needs to bring cookies and pie and cake…

    And then it’s not so simple or easy anymore…

  2. Xmas falls in the summer here so once the children were old enough we started to have our festive dinner on Xmas Eve. Frequently we then went to friends for lunch on Xmas Day so often the menu took into consideration what I had to contribute the following day. If we were with my parents, Mum and I did the traditional turkey and gammon with all the trimmings followed by Xmas pud etc. If we were camping we would have something like ostrich or a fish braai (barbecue). Consequently now that it is usually just the two of us with all the offspring living in the Northern Hemisphere, we do something special on Xmas Eve and get together with friends on Xmas Day with everyone contributing something but one person co-ordinating the meal. Add a few different cultures into the mix and every Xmas meal now is different!

  3. I see a bit of foie gras on menus here in Marrakech – so many French people here !!! I will have a traditional Christmas Eve with a German family this year. it will be fun and so different from an Aussie Xmas .

  4. We keep Christmas Eve simple, but with a dish we all love: boudin blanc, sautéed apples, and steamed potatoes. Boudin blanc is traditionally a Christmas starter (?) but it seems like a meal for us. We make toasts with foie gras for the champagne apéro, and this year I think I’ll make some sort of smoked salmon verrine as a starter.

    Then Christmas Day we do something a little more American-style — some sort of bird with different vegetable dishes.

    Your meal looks delicious, especially the potato-mushroom timbales!

  5. We don’t have a fixed menu. This year, I’m hoping for cracked Dungeness crab. For Christmas Eve when my Fairy godson will be visiting, I plan to make, of all things, bacon burgers.

  6. nightsmusic, when we lived in the US we did a standing rib roast, yorkshire pudding and asparagus…. Can’t get the rib roast here… well, not easily

    Gill, I can’t imagine doing a turkey in hot weather…. unless it was on the barbecue. That would be good. Most of the people we know around here go back to the UK to be with family. It gets pretty quiet around here LOL

    Kate, a German Christmas for an Aussie in Morocco…. I love it. Let me know if you have roast goose and red cabbage ‘-)

    Betty, I have never gotten into the verrine… even though I bought a little book at Casa for recipes. Maybe next party. I’m doing a turkey tomorrow…. first time here. With American-style dressing.

    Pam, I have to have both the foie gras and smoked salmon at some point during the holidays…. or mon mari would go on strike LOL

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