Phyllo Pie with Sausage & Brussels Sprouts, more things that are different — 4 Comments

  1. Do you know why the doors open out in North America? It is incase of an explosion all the door will be blown out and if you are still alive you can get out the door!!

  2. Hmmmm, I look at all my doors, and they all open inward. And I think back to all my previous houses and THEY all opened inward. HUH?

  3. Hmmm, my entrance/egress doors open out. My half bath door opens out. The door from my upstairs bonus room/soon to be master bedroom opens out…and I live in Michigan. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a front door that opens out here. Not the big door. A storm door, yes, but not the solid front door.

    This recipe looks wonderful! I love brussels sprouts.

  4. Evelyn, I thought it was in case of riots so the people running towards the door could just push and leave, rather than have to back up into the crowd to pull it open…. Same thing, really.

    Chuck, since I was talking about shopping and supermarkets I went right to the doors on stores and forgot to clarify… The doors in our house open whichever way is most convenient…. and open into the room or into the house. (Well, except the barn door. Oh never mind)

    nightsmusic, see above LOL doors in houses open into the room. All of our doors and windows on the outer walls open in as well – so we can close the shutters from the inside. 😉