Roast Venison Steak; Christmas past — 10 Comments

  1. Those tree napkins are adorable! You need to do a little video on how you folded them 🙂

    Your turkey looked delicious. I’m glad it was a hit. Such rotten luck when you spend way more than you think you should and something happens that causes it to fail. Like my standing rib roast. It was very good until I got to the center. I didn’t realize my new fridge works so much better than the old one. My roast never defrosted so Wednesday, my DH set up the hair dryer, blowing on low, on my saran wrap covered frozen roast. The roast came out great except for the center which was still raw as in tartar raw. A bit too much for most of my guests…

  2. Katie, your table looks so festive and both the venison and turkey look delicious! We were invited to friends for a traditional roast turkey dinner followed by Xmas pud – the rain we’d had lowered the ambient temperature to a level suited to the meal. The meal, prepared by the husband, was cooked to perfection.
    Your seasoning of the venison is going to be used for our barbecued (rain permitting) ostrich steaks on Old Year’s Night. This will be followed by home made ice cream using our own walnut liqueur and walnuts from France!

  3. It looks as if you had a wonderful Christmas. Friends of mine are hunters and every year they deliver some venison to me – now I have a new way to cook it! Thanks

  4. Yum! I just found out from the friends we are celebrating New Year’s Eve with that the main course will be venison in red wine — at least I think that’s what “daube de cerf” is. I’m looking forward to it. I know I tasted venison back in the USA but I’m not so sure I have here.

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  6. What a great idea to eat venison at the holidays. The locals should appreciate that more here in the USA. I’m admiring your nice tableplace (are those crackers??) but secretly spying on the rest of the room, as any real guest would do. The cabinetry and light from that window look very nice!

  7. nightsmusic, I can handle good beef that rare, but I know I’m in the minority…. We’re still eating turkey – which puts the per meal price very low 😉 I don’t do videos, but I could do step-by-step photos… It’s simple.

    Gill, sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. Ostrich steaks, eh? Never had the opportunity. I hope your weather cooperates.

    Jerry, lucky you. That’s how our friend in Spain gets his…. And the wild boar.

    Betty, sounds like a lovely New Year’s dinner. I think the venison here is usually milder. Is this going to be a typical, very long French dinner? I’m jealous.

    Dan, yes, those are crackers. Are neighbors are British so we had to have them. I’ll tell the hubs you appreciate his work.

    Kate, thanks…. and the napkins really showed it off LOL

    • It will be somewhat long and typical, but we are just a foursome, so it won’t be as elaborate as some NYE dinners that I have been through (or suffered through…)

  8. I love tartar so that rare for me was fine though others weren’t so enamored watching me eat it…

    Photos of the folding would be much appreciated! 🙂