Sausage Stuffed Acorn Squash; the update — 6 Comments

  1. Katie, Your adaptation of this acorn squash recipe sounds delicious. That is what is so great about it. Anything goes. Thanks for the link back. Your property looks amazing. You both have done so much over the years. I have been following for a long time. I would think that you are about done, but then we have been doing the same for a long time and we are never done. My Best, Penny

  2. Penny – done? is there such a state? We keep at it. Love acorn squashes – we have just one left… sigh….

    Thanks Heather

    Zoomie, they haven’t recently – instead they have gotten very cling-y. I give up trying to figure them out LOL

    Kate, it’s a vine – parasitic vine… but, yeah, it’s pretty.

    Amy, I was lucky to find pumpkin seeds this year – I’ve been putting them on everything.