Scallops Provençal; The Christmas Truce — 8 Comments

  1. Katie – love the shrimp and scallop dish – great flavors! Would be lovely with a nice rice pilaf – yum!

  2. I love scallops. Definitely will be making this one 🙂

    Have you seen Sainsbury’s 2014 Christmas commercial yet? It’s up on youtube. It’s a wonderful nod to this very event. I didn’t want to post the link in case you’d rather not have it here, but you should watch it.

  3. Tanna, there is usually a reading on one of the British Christmas shows about it. Scallops are good 😉

    Ina, rice pilaf would be delicious…. I usually do rice or quinoa with it.

    Nightsmusic, I just watched it…. Brings a tear, doesn’t it?

    Kate, makes one believe we can all be human…

  4. I love scallops, but have never really thought of mixing them with tomatoes. It seems it might overwhelm them, but from your photo, which is making me salivate, I may change my mind!