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Venison Braised in Red Wine, with Shallots, paperwork — 3 Comments

  1. Your filing sounds like mine! I pay the bills every month, but they come electronically and they’re paid the same way. I don’t even get my bank statements through the mail anymore. When we moved a couple of months ago now (geez, time flies!) I tossed a file cabinet that was full to the brim with stuff from the 80’s that I moved 12 years ago to the house we recently sold. I never went through it then, didn’t feel I needed to now.

    This recipe looks wonderful. My son-in-law gives us venison every year. Usually, I use it in chili or goulash because we don’t get the steaks, just the ground meat. And a lot of jerky. Really good jerky. But this year, I got some steaks so I think I’ll need to try this.

  2. My nephew always makes a lot of jerky, too, but only recently. When we lived there we used to get steaks and ground venison from him. Hope the steaks are good.
    My files are done – about 70% in the trash LOL

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