Bad Day…. Bad, Bad Day

Cliff Notes Version:

Up 2 hours before dawn for my state-ordered health exam. I wanted to be early.

No breakfast.

I was 30 minutes late. We couldn’t find it.

Four hours of poking and prodding and I’m dismissed, it’s a sunny day, we head home.

Five minutes after getting on the motorway we had a flat tire.

No lunch.

As we wait for the SOS tow truck the sun goes away and it starts to rain.

Five hours and two new tires later we are back on the road.

Twelve hours after leaving we’re back home.

I’m tired and not really fit for polite conversation. Long version tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Bad Day…. Bad, Bad Day”

  1. I’m so sorry, Katie! Here’s hoping a few glasses of vino help make the day end better than it started.

  2. Here is to a better day today. I hope you had enough energy left after all that to prepare something to eat last night.

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