Braised Tung-Po Pork, the update — 7 Comments

  1. That ceiling is going to be gorgeous when it’s finished. And your dish here looks delish. Right up my alley with simple, easy ingredients.

  2. Yum. I miss Asian food and don’t go out for it much. I should try to get some ingredients now that there are more food store choices in Rodez and certainly online as well. Where do you get your sesame oil?

  3. nightsmusic, he does like to do wood ceilings but this one is a real jigsaw puzzle.

    Zoomie, well, he seems to be happy… LOL

    Betty, we love it but rarely go out for it. although we do always have lunch at the Asian market when we go there…. which has sesame oil. But I also find it at the local Intermarche – in the British aisle. If I don’t have it I use walnut oil – we live in a big walnut growing area so it’s pretty common